Mary Dunne and Mairea Nelson share an interest in the future of librarianship, in particular: how we are perceived by stakeholders and how we communicate our value. Mary’s qualifications include a Masters in Psychology and a Masters in Information and Library Studies (Distinction). Mairea has a Masters in Applied Social Research from Trinity College Dublin. We are Chartered members of CILIP, and have authored articles for library and drug-related publications.

With this blog we hope to provide a discussion forum about library research – focusing on evaluating value and impact.

We are looking for library staff to join our PALS (Peer Assisted Library Support) group to share knowledge, experience and to support each other through the research process.

View our published articles ,
Dunne M, Nelson M, Dillon L & Galvin B (2013) Library value and impact: Taking the step from knowing it to showing it, Library and Information Research, 37(116).
Dunne M (2015) Revealing your value through meaningful messages, Journal of EAHIL, 11(4), 6-10


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