CILIP conference presentations now available

PDF versions of presentations at CILIP’s annual conference in Liverpool (2-3 July 2015) are now available. One theme was dedicated to value and impact.

Well known librarian researchers Sue Reynolds and Carolynn Rankin began the theme with a workshop going through the process of evaluating impact. Attendees were encouraged to use an example from their work or professional life to consider how they may demonstrate that it is having a positive impact. The workshop was based on the 2014 international standard (ISO) on library impact, which has useful definitions and guidelines.

Another presentation that referenced the ISO standard was Jo Alcock’s talk about the potential of statistics to contribute to a picture of value. She briefly described some case studies from the academic sector where university libraries have utilised statistics to good effect.

One presentation of particular interest to health librarians was that of Suzanne Wilson from NHS Scotland, Demonstrating impact of applying knowledge to practice in NHSScotland. She spoke about their evaluation tool, giving the example of assessing the impact of a clinical enquiry service.

David Lankes keynote presentation – An Action Plan for World Domination Through Librarianship is worth viewing.

My own presentation emphasised, once again, that we should consider how we can communicate our worth more effectively by understanding what our communities value and what we offer that is special and unique.

I echoed some of the recurrent themes that emerged during the conference including the need to align our work with that of our funding institutions so we can demonstrate our direct contributions to their aims and objectives. We also need to communicate this value in a language and way that they will appreciate.



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